Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Eleventh Volley

So, here's a drawing I started many months ago when looking at Butoh. I started this drawing with a series in mind. I helped a friend on a job uncrating Plenza's Nomad. I asked if they were keeping the crate as it was quite horrific in its construction. Below is a panel on which I transferred the drawing. I will be oil painting this and probably playing with gilding again (hooray halos!). 

Oh look, it's a dirty studio. I should be on a hoarders show. I was in the process of kicking apart this crate, when I got a call from the guy who coordinated the install wanting to know if he could get the crate back. There was a pause, and then an "oh shit..." This panel specifically is the most damaged of the bunch. I want to progress with an idea of dissolution, or decay. Kind of like butoh. I might attack the bottom half with a hammer even more to knock some of the paneling out. I like a splintery mess on the bottom with a tight painting around the face and hands and chest and quickly falling apart. 

Here's a detail, or perhaps just a shot of the panel. So, wish me luck. Will post updates.