Thursday, October 29, 2009

Second Volley


A woodblock print on Japanese paper. Twenty four inches by nineteen inches. The first one I've done in three or four years, which was intimidating to undertake. It also (once I got started) was something I flew through, borrowing a nice chisel from my job to remove the large areas.

I was looking at a book of women artists of the Wiemar Republic, specifically Kathe Kollwitz woodcuts. She has one in there of a solitary figure who looks dead. There is a very minimal atmosphere around the figure made by minimal noise from the block. I wanted to try something like that, and figured what better thing to beat the hell out of than a piece of wood. And who better to beat the hell out of than soldiers? I use them a lot in my work. I like drawing people who are weary, the lines stand out on them more. The archaeology of their faces and bodies is closer to the surface. I like them because I can find more character in people like that, they've been around the block, and have the stories to prove it.

I want my pictures to tell me a story, and hopefully you as well. Or to look like someone who could narrate to you.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Volley

Altar 1

Altar 2

Altar 3

First thing. Images made late last year, and hopefully the beginning of a series. They hang as a triptych, and are twenty four inches by forty eight inches, and seven inches deep. Pine, roofing tar, oilsticks, candles, the bible, jars, dirt, urine and rope. Oh the fun of being out of art school and recycling props from old art projects.

I think of myself as the analog photomanipulation, I find objects and make lots of really bad stuff, recycling things that stick with me from them, until they come together in something more concrete. Something I'm happy with.

I'm going to start with older pieces that I am documenting and keep uploading new things along with it. New art, visual. Words. And the fleshing out or discussion of ideas for both. I hope you'll stick around for the undertaking.