Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seventh Volley, Updates.

I'm calling it. I'm a habitual tweaker (of artwork, not meth). And doing much more, if anything would only make it worse. I would like to do a painting of it in the future.

I was pretty nervous dropping it off at the church, but they seemed to like it. It opens on the eighteenth. If you're in the Des Moines metro area, stop by.

Also, I don't recommend gilding around pets. My cat loves to attack anything that moves, and I was cleaning up some brushes when I noticed he had a whole sheet of metal leaf stuck to his nose. I thought this was cute and went for a camera, but had to chase him down as the dumb-ass began to devour the metal leaf. Cats don't like to be gagged. Or fish-hooked. It was the only thing I could remember from Heimlich maneuver class in grade school, and it didn't do much good.

Hobbes is alright, by the way.